Mr. Speaker, many people ask what has driven me over these many years to set aside an evening a week, many nights, as late as two a.m. in the mornings to meet with constituents and others from other constituencies. The answer is simple, I believe that I was chosen to serve and help people where ever I can. It is an honour and profound privilege to have been given the opportunity to serve the people of Bain and Grants Town over these many years. I have established many friendships going back to my days in Shirlea which I shall always treasure. I cannot and shall not forget these good people and shall always be indebted to them as long as life last.”From the Farewell Address to The House of Assembly by the Honourable Bradley B. E. Roberts, March 28, 2007


Learning expands great souls. ~ Namibian proverb

The Bradley B. E. Roberts Foundation is proud to offer educational incentives to young people from the Bain & Grants Town Constituency in the form of grants and scholarships. Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply.