As a Member of Parliament (1982 -2007), and as Cabinet Minister for Works and Utilities (2002-2007), Roberts courted the media and often shocked the nation, by speaking out vociferously on many controversial topics in the Bahamas House of Assembly.

Bradley Roberts grew tall in the political arena. He lived for the frisson of the political debate.
He was not uncontroversial and rarely minced his words for anyone’s easy digestion. What you saw, was what you got. Roberts was well-known, loathed by his enemies, but held in the highest esteem, especially by his Grant’s Town constituents, and his supporters for holding the opposing party’s feet to the fire. Political analysts have argued that his tenacity, in the run up to the 2002 general elections, was his watershed moment in politics and made him a Bahamian legend.
Few knew the physical dangers Bradley’s political relentlessness, caused him. In the lead up to the 2002 general elections, he was forced to have additional security, as he suffered targeted death threats.

In his latter years, in public life, Bradley served his country faithfully as a Cabinet Minister from 2002 to 2007 as Minister of Works and Utilities. As the substantive minister with responsibilities for Batelco (now BTC) and Bahamasair, he superintended the largest and most expansive technological upgrade of the then public corporation. This included the 150-Gigabyte submarine cable that linked many Family Islands and Haiti.
Mr. Roberts also served as Acting Prime Minister on several occasions, as well as Minister of Immigration.