Farewell Address to The House of Assembly March 28, 2007

On March 28, 2007, the Honourable Bradley B. E. Roberts, stood in the House of Assembly, to give his farewell address after twenty-five years, as a Member of Parliament and five years as a Cabinet Minister.

Mr. Speaker, during the election campaign of 2002, I made the decision and hence the pronouncement that I would only serve in the specific area of public life as a Member of Parliament for an additional two and one half year period. However, at the Prime Minister’s behest, in September 2004, I was asked to remain in this specific area of public life for an extended period of time because of the vision of The Government for The Bain & Grants Town Constituency and its vision for the Ministry of Public Works and Utilities as set out by The PLP Government.”

“If it were not for the vision of the founding Fathers of the great PLP and the carrying forth of that vision by those after them, I do not know where I and countless thousands would have been today, or what kind of country The Bahamas would have been today. The hopes and aspirations of the downtrodden, rejects and marginalised, could have never been and will never be achieved without the existence of the PLP.”

“As always, Mr. Speaker, and for this final time, I thank you on behalf of the great constituency of Bain and Grants Town. May Almighty God continue to bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

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