A Consummate Toastmaster

Roberts was a seasoned and effective debater in the Bahamas House of Assembly. His skills in this regard were first honed at Toastmasters. Affectionately known as ‘BIG BAD BRAD,’ a term coined by radio personality Steve McKinney, to friend and foe alike for his commanding voice, his combative, scorched earth and fearless firebrand style of politics.

Mr. Roberts grew tall in the political arena. He lived for the frisson of the political debate.

He was not uncontroversial. Bradley Roberts rarely minced his words for anyone’s easy digestion. What you saw, was what you got. Roberts was well-known, loathed by his enemies, but held in the highest esteem, especially by his Grants Town constituents, and his supporters for holding the opposing party’s feet to the fire. Political analysts have argued that his tenacity, in the run up to the 2002 general elections, was his watershed moment in politics and made him a Bahamian legend.

Bradley Roberts kept an open “garbage can,” and was never shy about sharing its contents. These bombshells from the floor of the House of Assembly, political pundits, and historians would argue, propelled him to national prominence, transformed him into a political giant, and played a significant role in the PLP’s return to governance in May 2002, and again in May 2012. The crushing electoral defeat in 1997, the death of Sir Lynden in 2000, the loss of the Kemp’s Bay seat to the FNM in a by-election and the overall popularity of the FNM which peaked in 1997, only added to the political drama of the 2002 PLP victory.

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